Video Production in Miami for Out-Of-State Interests

Miami Video Production Services

If you’re not from Florida and you’re in search of a Miami video production company you can count on, you’ve come to the right place. As one of the top video production companies in Miami, Ask Media Productions can provide everything you need to make your project a total success, from live streaming services to video studio rental and video production equipment rental (and much more!).

Keep reading for an overview of our extensive offerings—and what sets them apart from those of other video production agencies across South Florida.

Live Streaming Services

Live streaming is a relatively recent and quite miraculous technology that allows viewers around the world to transcend the bounds of geography to participate in real-time watch parties and other streamed events.

Ask Media’s webcasting and live streaming services combine state-of-the-art equipment with our live streaming expertise, ensuring your broadcast is seamless and high-resolution with no disruptions.

Remote Live Streaming Package

Regardless of the scale of your production, Ask Media can create a custom remote streaming package that’s a perfect fit for your requirements. These remote services are also available to anyone, regardless of where they’re located, so you can enjoy the oversight of being “on set” from the comfort of your own home or office. We’ve integrated the following live stream technologies to allow for a remote, contactless filming experience:

●Remote video village (client monitoring)
●Multi-cam video village
●Remote camera kits (these are custom built according to the requirements of the client)
●Remote video assist and VTR


We also offer flypack video switchers modified to adhere to each clients’ specifications. That means that we can adapt to any scale you need, from a single camera (e.g., for Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok Live) to a 16+ camera setup. Options include the Black Magic basic kit, Tricaster Mini 4 SDI kit, Ross Carbonite flypack, and more. We’ll deal with every aspect of logistics, location support, and equipment and crew management, so you’ll be able to put your energy toward the details that matter most.

Multi-Cam Remote Control

After several years of meeting the pandemic’s social distancing demands, we’ve become experts at putting on a large, high-quality broadcast with a minimal footprint, particularly with the use of Live-U technology like Live-U 600 backpacks and LU2000 servers. We facilitate remote client viewing, iPhone and laptop broadcast kits, and communication between directors, clients, and talent—even if they’re all based in different cities—via our off-site remote control room in Palm Beach.

Multi-Cam Studio

Constructing and lighting custom sets that align with your clients’ branding is one of our specialties! Regardless of whether you’re filming in our multi-cam studio or at another studio (including pretty much any studio on Earth!), we can help.

Video Studio Rental

Regardless of what you’re filming—from corporate video productions to creative passion projects—Ask Media Productions’ video production studio rentals are a fantastic option.

We offer a range of studios and sets that’ll work for all kinds of video projects:

Main Studio Rental

Our main studio is designed to be flexible, with a white cyclorama that can extend into our green cyclorama and create a 45-foot by 45-foot corner cyc. The main studio also offers a grid at 14 feet for overhead lighting and plenty of floor space, as well as a 16-foot black curtain on a track that can surround the entire studio. If you need, we can even black out the floor for a complete blackout environment.

Kitchen Studio Rental

Need a fully functional kitchen set? Our white kitchen studio with a stainless prep island is also highly flexible, and if you need it, Ask Media can create a temporary prep kitchen for off-set food preparation. There’s a back-up fridge for food storage; if this isn’t enough, we can even bring in a freezer truck for ample space.

Our kitchen set is fully functional and can be changed around as needed. We can set up a prep kitchen at request for your food stylist to prepare off set. We have back up fridge for food storage and if you need more we can bring in a freezer truck.

Multiple Set Rentals

Ask Media offers a total of four modular set rentals to choose from, all of which come with access to furniture and props, 300 amps of power, and lighting, camera, and crew support from Ask Media. Set 1 can be set up in numerous arrangements, and comes with a 65-inch recessed TV that you can use to display a video loop or logo during webinars or livestreams. There are also plexiglass light boxes with RGB controls, so you can match their colors to your branding as desired. Sets 2, 3, and 4 are also modular, include monitors as well as multiple video walls, and would be ideal for creating a home, bedroom, living room, or office setting.

Video Production Equipment Rental

Take your video production to the next level with the most up-to-date video cameras and other equipment—utilize Ask Media’s top-notch video camera rental services.

Camera Lens Rental

Rather than attempting to figure out which rental camera lenses would work best for each shot of your project, contact the self-identified video production equipment nerds at Ask Media for help with your professional camera lens rental. They’ll help you choose between ARR Signature Primes and Canon L-Series lenses (and everything in between!), ensuring you select the ideal lens for each part of your production.

Lighting Rental

Ask Media can provide you with the video lighting rental services required for virtually any production. Along with the guidance of our trained gaffers, this will ensure that your project’s lighting is exactly right.

Grip and Electric

Combine a custom grip and electric package with one of our lighting packages, and consider hiring one of our expert grips to make sure that your lighting setup is consistently safe. From our Sprinter package (best for smaller productions) to our 5-Ton package (for larger productions), we can meet your production’s grip and electric needs. We can also provide anywhere from 2000 watts to a whopping 1.21 gigawatts of power, as needed.

Work with Ask Media Productions

Ask Media Productions provides clients—not only those from South Florida, but also from around the world—with a broad range of video production and equipment rental services, so you can bring your project to life exactly as you envision it.

Out-of-state clients in search of production support can rely on our services, which include:

  • Permitting
  • Location support/management
  • Crewing
  • Talent casting
  • Logistics
  • Styling
  • Production design
  • Equipment rental (rent cameras, lighting, and more in house)
  • Catering
  • And more!

As a proud one-stop shop, Ask Media Productions has the experience and know-how to guide you through your project from beginning to end.