Unveiling the Meta Quest Pro: A Groundbreaking Instagram Live Workshop

Meta Quest Pro Project


In the ever-evolving world of technology and virtual reality, Meta, formerly known as Facebook, continues to push the boundaries with innovative products like the Meta Quest Pro. This groundbreaking headset has garnered attention for its immersive experiences and potential applications. To showcase this marvel of technology, Meta partnered with a creative team to produce an engaging Instagram Live event that brought the Meta Quest Pro to the forefront. In this article, we’ll dive into the behind-the-scenes details of this unique project, exploring how it was brought to life and the technical intricacies involved.

The Concept

The goal was clear from the outset: create an Instagram Live workshop session that would resemble a think tank and interactive masterclass, all aimed at unleashing the full potential of the Meta Quest Pro. The challenge was not only to present the headset but also to immerse viewers in an experience that highlighted its capabilities. The result? A dynamic, engaging event that allowed audiences to explore the world of the Meta Quest Pro like never before.

META_ASK_SNKR-VR_BTS_HD from ASK Media Productions on Vimeo.

Multi-Camera Magic

A critical component of this Instagram Live event was the use of a multi-camera approach. Instead of a static presentation, the team wanted to replicate the excitement of a live event. Multiple cameras were strategically placed to capture dynamic footage, enabling smooth transitions between camera angles on cue. This approach ensured that viewers felt like they were part of a live and interactive experience, further emphasizing the headset’s capabilities.

Technical Wizardry

The real magic happened behind the scenes, where technical expertise played a pivotal role in seamlessly integrating the Meta Quest Pro into the live stream. Here’s a glimpse of the technical verbiage involved:

Meta Quest Pro Integration: The team took a live feed from the Meta Quest Pro running Adobe Medium, a virtual reality sculpting application, and brought it into a web browser on a dedicated system via Chromecast. This step allowed them to access the headset’s output and incorporate it into the live stream.

Network Optimization: To ensure a smooth and uninterrupted broadcast, the Meta Quest Pro was set up on its own dedicated network. This optimization maximized the required bandwidth, preventing any disruptions during the live event.

Chroma Key Technology: Using advanced chroma key technology, the team removed the background of the Meta Quest Pro feed, creating a transparent layer. This technique allowed them to resize and position the headset’s output anywhere within the frame, offering flexibility and creative control.

Main Show – VR Shoe – 19 July 2023 – 05-52-01 PM from ASK Media Productions on Vimeo.

The Result

The Instagram Live event successfully showcased the Meta Quest Pro, bringing it to life in a way that words alone could not. By combining creative vision with technical expertise, the team created an immersive experience that engaged and educated viewers. From the multi-camera setup that mimicked the excitement of a live event to the technical wizardry that seamlessly integrated the headset’s output, every detail was meticulously planned and executed.


The Meta Quest Pro Instagram Live event was not just a presentation; it was an experience. Meta’s collaboration with a creative team resulted in a showcase that highlighted the headset’s capabilities and left viewers excited about the possibilities of virtual reality. By combining innovative technology with a dynamic presentation, this project demonstrated the power of the Meta Quest Pro and solidified its place as a game-changer in the world of virtual reality. To see the full story and technical details, be sure to check out the provided videos and experience the magic for yourself.