Planning & Logistics

ASK Media has been kicking ass and taking names since 2006. That’s almost fifteen years of experience, excellence, hard work, and, most importantly, connections.

Through our tireless effort, our pursuit of the absolute best in all areas of commercial production, we’ve amassed a small army of behind the scenes production experts as well as location and logistic knowledge.


      • Production Management & Coordination
      • Crewing
      • Locations & Permitting



  • Remote video assist & VTR


Rental Camera
Rental Lenses


Remember, video captures attention like nothing else. You need your video to not only capture attention, but stand out from the crowd. We can do that for you. We can supply you with the absolute best video production equipment available.

Do you want to go through the hassle of figuring out which type of Lenses is right for which shot? Do you want to deal with the headache of product testing to make sure you’re really getting the best? Of course not!

That’s the invaluable service we offer at ASK Media. When you rent equipment from us, we take that weight off your back and place it on ours. Guess what? We love it! We’re video production equipment nerds to the fullest!


Wether you are looking for high key or trying to be more artsy, our array of lighting can cover any production.  Let us supply you with one of our trained Gaffers to help you get your lighting perfect. 

Our Arri Skypanels are great for interviews or put it in RGB mode for your music video club look.  No need for color gels when you can dial in gels directly into the fixture.  You can text out multiple colors on the fly to make sure your Director is happy.

Or go with our Arri M18’s for a hard daylight source coming through a kitchen window or our larger HMI’s for that outdoor commercial shoot where the sun light needs to be just right all day.  


Rental Camera
Rental Grip and Electric

Grip and Electric

Grip might sound boring but with out it, your lighting has no support. Pair a custom grip & electric package with your lighting package and hire one of our trained Grips to assure your lighting is always set up safely and securely.  

Choose from our Sprinter package for run and gun smaller productions or for larger ones, we can roll out our 5-Ton package which has all the grip & electric you would need.  

Depending how much power is needed we can cover you from 2000 Watts to 1.21 gigawatts of power.  Thats enough to power the DeLorean!